A Journey
of African

A celebration of Africa

Kruger Shalati: The Train on the Bridge. One of the most anticipated and exciting new offerings coming to the iconic Kruger National Park, South Africa.

A perfect combination of Africa’s most breathtaking natural splendours with well-deserved luxuries aboard a newly refurbished train that’s reminiscent of African excellence. 

Permanently stationed on the historically-rich Selati Bridge above the Sabie River, Kruger Shalati offers unique luxury accommodation in a re-envisioned train that pays homage to the guests who explored the park nearly 100 years ago while welcoming new explorers from near and far. The train marks where the first visits to the iconic park were allowed in the early 1920s, when the train would park overnight in the exact spot where Kruger Shalati is positioned. 

Traversing the WiIlderness

Game Drive Experience

Game drives at Kruger Shalati are undertaken by passionate and professional rangers who are eager to share their in-depth knowledge and stories of the fascinating wildlife and surroundings. With a vast range of pristine wilderness to explore in the Kruger National Park and a plethora of African animals to spot, each game drive encounter offers a story of its own.

Authentic African Cuisine

Culinary Delight

Our delectable African-inspired fare is a true extension of the Kruger Shalati experience. An abundance of exquisite dishes, paired with an authentic African atmosphere and majestic views of the Sabie River, makes for an exceptional dining experience.

A Sensory Experience

An Incomparable Pool

Kruger Shalati boasts an impressive viewing deck complete with a beautiful overhanging pool. Set in tranquil surrounds with the Sabie River flowing below, it provides an unsurpassed combination of wildlife spotting and relaxation.

Experience the Kruger, suspended over the Sabie River

Offering 31 rooms, consisting of 24 Train Carriage Suites and 7 Bridge House Suites, all of which will provide a deeply visceral experience, tailored for immersive comfort. Whether you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind adventure, an enthralling break or to simply unwind while surrounded by earth’s finest creations, Kruger Shalati looks forward to welcoming you on a journey of discovery with nature in the most extraordinary way imaginable.

Unique, thought-provoking design is core to our offering, but the holistic experience is centred around our humanity, our cultural nuances, the people who crafted each element and, ultimately, the kindness with which we receive our guests.