Celebrate World Sleep Day the right way

Who doesn’t love a good snooze? It may sound like a ludicrous idea at first, but World Sleep Day (19 May 2021) is actually designed to raise awareness of sleep as a human privilege that is often compromised by the habits of modern life.

We think that, to really enjoy a great sleep, you need to do it in style! Imagine falling asleep gazing at African skies while melting into your plush king-sized bed. The Kruger Shalati train carriage rooms feature floor-to-ceiling glass walls so you can truly immerse yourself in the night sky.  Tuck into your warm feather duvet as you fall asleep to the night sounds of the bush.

Forget the wake-up call and don’t be afraid to sleep in – the point of World Sleep Day is to celebrate the importance of healthy sleep. Rise as the sun kisses your cheek (or later if you wish) and join us for a scrumptious breakfast at Bridge House.

There is nothing quite as sensational as enjoying a long, deep sleep in a luxurious setting in the heart of the bush – but also with a twist – suspended over the majestic Sabie River. This is the one time you won’t lose if you snooze.