Keeping the Kruger clean

In the spirit of Ubuntu, last week saw our team embarking on a cleanup mission in Kruger National Park, specifically focusing on the public roads in Skukuza. Despite frequent reminders, visitors often litter while traversing the park and viewing its wildlife.

Our dedicated team, spearheaded by General Manager Gavin Ferreira, took proactive measures to address this issue. Under the vigilant supervision of armed rangers, the team set out to collect litter along the park’s roads.

“It was a spontaneous decision,” Ferreira explained. “We decided to gather trash throughout the park, picking up items that had fallen from vehicles, whether intentionally or not. We wanted to contribute to making a small difference before election day.”

“Collecting litter together in Kruger National Park isn’t just about cleaning up the environment—it’s about building team spirit and boosting morale. Working side by side, we strengthen our bonds and make a lasting, positive impact on the world around us,” said Ella West, our Head of Reservations.

Our Head Guide, Bonga Njajula, added “As a Game Guide in Kruger National Park, I can tell you that each piece of litter you collect and dispose of correctly helps preserve this pristine wilderness. By keeping our environment clean, we ensure a safe habitat for our wildlife and protect the natural beauty that makes this place extraordinary.”

This initiative reflects our commitment to maintaining the natural beauty of Kruger National Park and fostering a sense of community responsibility among all who visit.