Bush Chronicles: Thuli Mnisi and Countless Cats

Our guides always ensure our guests have the best game-viewing experience. Whether you’re after the Big Five, the myriad birdlife or just the feeling of being out in the wild, they know where to go and how to get you there. They are smart, charming, knowledgeable, entertaining, and most of all, they’re passionate about the bush.  Their job is to look after guests, entertain them and enrich their experience. Doing this daily is hard work, and you may think they get jaded or bored of the experience, but you’d be surprised at how thrilling and rewarding it is for guides, as no two drives are ever the same.

We’d love to share their experiences with you, and our first in this series is our guide, Thuli Mnisi, and her highlight of the week:

Thuli was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a female leopard and cubs near camp and was very excited as these animals are elusive and difficult to spot in the bush. Her guests had high expectations and were not disappointed when they left the hotel and again, only 1 kilometre out, they spotted a leopard in a tree with an impala kill. They got to spend 15 minutes on the sighting before other vehicles joined. Only two kilometres from that spot they saw more leopards walking down the road  – as luck would have it, it was a mating pair. It didn’t end there. Shortly after, they encountered a lion pride in the road. After a quick coffee stop, Thuli’s guests requested a two-hour extension on their drive because they were having such a good time.

Keep an eye out for our next Bush Chronicles highlight, and don’t forget to share your sightings with us as well (tag @Kruger_Shalati on Instagram or @KrugerShalati on Facebook) and we may feature your photo.