We’re hiring: Accounts Assistant

Job Description

Job Title:Accounts Assistant
Job Level:Administrative and Clerical
Department:Finance   (Skukuza, Kruger National Park)
Reports To (Direct):Senior Accountant/ Executive Manager Finance

Job Purpose:

The Accounts Assistant is responsible for the day to day capturing of supplier invoices, reconciling to supplier statements and ensuring suppliers are paid on a timeous basis, while maintaining a proper relationship with all suppliers, service providers and third parties


This role works closely with the relevant Department Teams to achieve competence and accuracy in the payment terms across the organisation.

Key Performance Indicators
1.  Customer Related Accuracy of financial transactions and reporting with deadlines
2.  People Related Timeliness and quality of communication with internal partners and suppliers
3.  Process Related Adherence to financial controls, policies and procedures, and work deadlines


Achievement of quality improvements as agreed by the Management team

4.  Finance Related Achievement of department wastage reduction goals



Roles and Responsibilities
Key DimensionsMajor Activities
1-   General Responsibilities Effectively utilises software applications and communication tools that are used to facilitate the accurate accounting of all financial transactions of the Department Teams


Effectively utilises accounting software and tools to record financial information as required by the job

Ensure that all sales records are correctly processed

Ensure that all cash, credit card and credit transactions are correctly processed

Ensure all supplier payment administration functions are completed accurately, including the process from remittance, statement, supplier ledger and invoices

Ensure that invoices are ready for payment, the correct back-up documentation attached, accurate information and correctly coded for the general ledger

Prepare batches for payments, load payments onto the bank for authorisation

Request outstanding statements from suppliers and ensure any invoices are still captured into the current period

Ensure proper filing of all functions relating to the position

2-   Customer Specific  Responsibilities Assist the Senior Accountant/ Executive Manager Finance to ensure a world class Accounting service is delivered to all by collaborating with the Department Teams and suppliers
3-   People Specific  Responsibilities Supports activities and an environment that contributes to positive employee engagement and commitment to the job
4-   Quality Specific  ResponsibilitiesNotices and communicates opportunities to further improve financial control standards and practice and reports these
5-   Finance Specific  ResponsibilitiesEnsures that all suppliers are paid within the agreed contractual payment terms
6-   Facilities Ensure the accurate filing of CAPEX invoices and fixed asset register
7-   Legal and Compliance Specific ResponsibilitiesTakes active steps to ensure Department, sensitive and confidential information is not accessible to unauthorised persons


Ensures a dogmatic application of all financial control measures for the good governance of Kruger Shalati

8-   Additional Duties This Job Description outlines the duties that are typically performed by the jobholder. These duties are not the only duties required by the job and management might assign additional duties from time to time.
Working Conditions
Work Environment


Kruger Shalati offices based in Skukuza, the departments where financial and related transactions are performed and other locations as per the operational requirements

Exposure rate to physical or mental risk

Physical: Low

Mental: Medium/High

This job description is subject to change as the needs of the beneficiary; policies, processes and standards are changed, updated and improved over time.

Person Specifications
DimensionJob Requirements (Essential Level)Job Requirements (Desired Level)
Thinking AbilityAbility to anticipate future circumstances, conditions and requests and to use these scenarios to plan for the future


Ability to comprehend abstract financial concepts

Ability to apply logic and sound judgement in processing financial and accounting data

Ability to correctly communicate detailed information to others

Operates comfortably in an environment of moderate levels of short-notice demand

Ability to recognise financial security concerns

High levels of linear reasoning


Sees gaps in the accounting process knowledge of employees and coaches for improvement

Academic Qualifications and BackgroundA recognised Diploma in AccountingBackground in Hospitality



LanguagesAbility to effectively communicate with others in EnglishAbility to effectively communicate with others in a second official language
Work Experience 2 Years of previous experience in a similar role and environment



More than 2 years of previous experience in a similar role and environment
Job technical Skills Proficient in the standards of accounting used in South Africa


Proficient user of Accounting Software packages

Proficient user of Microsoft Office software applications particularly Excel

Conversant with specialist terminology including,

F&B service

Front Office service






Personal Qualities High degree of confidentiality and protection of sensitive information


Committed to creating environments and systems that enable the delivery of exceptional and personalised services

Displays a sense of urgency and dedication to meeting the needs and wishes of others

Displays a sense of service and support to the Department Teams

Persistent in establishing effective systems, controls and activities

Effective in creating and fostering an environment of collaboration

Does not make judgement about people based on their views, preferences, habits and behaviours

Demonstrates exceptional levels of integrity

Ability to work independently without receiving detailed instructions

Presents impeccable grooming and deportment

Maintains a positive outlook in most challenging situations and circumstances


Demonstrates high levels of resilience in demanding environments

Business ValuesEmbraces, supports and models organisational values and cultureN/A
Physical AbilitiesModerate to High levels of mental endurancePhysically fit


Sensitive to visual, auditory, signals