What Millennials Want from Tourism

While South Africa has made strides to target millennial travellers, more needs to be done. Many millennials chose to spend a night out with friends than to travel. Some spend thousands on food, beverages and transport in one night rather than a weekend away with their friend at the same price.

Keeping up with global trends is hugely important for South African companies involved in the tourism industry. If we want to encourage more youngsters to visit our establishments, we have to listen to what they want. We need to make experiences interesting and add a technological twist.

We are constantly engaging with tourism bodies, including the Department of Tourism and South African Tourism, to find ways to make travel appealing for the millennial market. One of the initiatives is partnering with a travel agency called Soul Traveller who pride themselves in immersive group experiences.

South Africa is certainly a destination offering wonderful photo opportunities. We are home to natural beauty, sea and river or dam vistas and spectacularly scenic mountains. Establishments can build platforms and bridges that allow for Insta-worthy scenic shots, create products which are unique and install signage that encourages visitors to geotag their photos when they post them.